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Short Story Long

Short Story Long is a weekly podcast hosted by Young & Reckless Founder/Entrepreneur Chris “Drama” Pfaff. Every week Drama catches up with not only his friends but also individuals who have made a name for themselves and overcame certain obstacles to get to reach their level of achievements. You can’t google the keys to success but you can be inspired by talking to people who have been through it.

Aug 2, 2017

Episode 62 of Short Story Long, I have my first guest with a company valued over a billion dollars, Tom Bilyeu of Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory.  Tom admits that he was going down a losing path while working at a tech company for 8 1/2 years.  Focused on ending metabolic disease, Tom and his two partners founded Quest Nutrition. Tom talks about scaling, brain chemistry and what his main goal in life is.  There is a lot of knowledge and information that can be obtained from listening to this episode and Tom also gives his book recommends that can be found on his website below.