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Young & Reckless Founder/Entrepreneur Chris “Drama” Pfaff catches up with friends and individuals who have made a name for themselves and overcame obstacles to reach their level of achievements. You can’t google the keys to success, but you can be inspired by talking to people who have been through it.

Oct 19, 2016

"Don't Sacrifice Quality"


On Episode 24 I have co-founder/executive chef of the highly successful restaurant Eggslut, Alvin Cailan.  Growing up in Los Angeles, Alvin was taught at the young age of 7 the importance of having great work ethic from his daily chore of cooking rice for his dad.  To this day he has this embedded into his brain and applies it to everything in his life.  After dabbling in the streetwear scene Alvin moved to Oregon telling no one but his brother.  Learning Farm-to-Table Alvin worked for free and juggled jobs to become a great chef and perfect his craft.  With passion and great drive he took his experiences and created his own restaurant Eggslut.  Years later Alvin now owns multiple businesses and has had amazing success. Listen in on his story and what it took to become great while helping others achieve their dreams through cooking.